• Muthia is a healthy Gujarati breakfast dish made with different flours
  • Jadoh is a Khasi delicacy which is made with pork fat and rice
  • Sheer Chai is a pink colour salted tea popular in Kashmir

Undoubtedly, breakfast is the best meal of the day. After a night-long fast, a sumptuous breakfast can really start your day on a happy note. There’s no need to stick to the usual, boring eggs. India is the land of diversity where every state offers a varied menu. Here’s how the morning meal looks like in different states across India. How many of these regional breakfast dishes have you tried?

1. Muthia from Gujarat

Muthia is a healthy Gujarati breakfast dish made with a combination of flours, veggies and spices. You can choose to steam or deep fry it and is often served with garlic chutney.

2. Jadoh from Meghalaya

Jadoh is a Khasi delicacy which is made with pork fat, pork blood and rice. It is best served with a fermented soya paste. 

3. Mirchi Vada from Rajasthan

This spicy snack of fried green chillies stuffed with a potatoes is often served for breakfast in Rajasthan. Sometimes these vadas that placed between toasted buns or pav to make a mirchi vada pav.

4. Jolpaan from Assam

This breakfast dish consists of a variety of rice like ground roasted rice, flattened rice (chira) and puffed rice (khoi/murmura), and is eaten along with curd and jaggery. 

5. Kashmiri Bread with Sheer Chai from Kashmir

Noon chai or Sheer Chai is a pink colour salted tea that is served with a homemade Kashmiri bread commonly known as the Choat or the Lavaas. 

6. Jalebi with Poha from Indore in Madhya Pradesh

This combination of sweet jalebi and savoury poha is a classic breakfast dish in Madhya Pradesh with a unique twist of flavours. 

7. Pao-Tonak from Goa

Tonak is a vegetarian stew made with dried peas and potatoes that is served with pao as a popular breakfast dish in Goa. 

8. Phara from Chattisgarh

A crunchy breakfast dish where the sticks are made with rice, spices and sesame seeds, sauteed with curry leaves and red chilies.

9. Pesarattu Upma

A unique green dosa made with moong lentils and stuffed with soft rawa upma

10. Uppu Urundai from Tamil Nadu

CommentsThese spicy, steamed rice dumplings make for a popular breakfast dish in Tamil Nadu. They stuffed with crunchy chana dal, pungent mustard seeds and aromatic curry leaves.

You should start your day with a comforting and filling meal and it is always nice to experiment.


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