The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Has Free Online Classes for Kids

We are glad to announce some relief for parents who are running out of ways to keep their children entertained

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We are glad to announce some relief for parents who are running out of ways to keep their children entertained. To get a better grip on this quarantine life, consider indulging the kiddos’ architectural interest by enrolling them in the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom, an online tool that encourages children to hone their creativity through the lens of the celebrated architect’s design contributions. 

Developed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation education department, the six-week digital learning experience launched on April 13 and is free to join. The program is appropriate for kids of all ages, from K-12. Each week features a mini-lesson and accompanying video that leads up to the final assignment that tasks the students with creating their Wright-inspired stained glass project. 

Among the featured lessons are “How like Wright are you?”, “Create a Symmetrical Pattern”, “Load-Bearing Shapes”, “Turn Two Circles into a Square” and “The Impact of Color.”

The online class is designed in a way that’s both convenient for parents and students. Parents can just turn on the video and have the child view the lesson and complete the corresponding activity, or as the FLW foundation points out, they can turn the architecture-centered projects into a fun family activity.

“This is an unprecedented time and with all of the unknowns, new routines and families in need of engaging activities, this was a way for the Foundation to provide a few resources to families around the world,” said Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s education manager Christopher Jason, education manager. “We want to be able to continue our mission of educating future generations based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s works and ideas and how those ideas embodied in our STEAM education programs are more relevant than ever today.”

For more info on the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom, visit here.
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