You Won’t Beleaf the New Plants Bloomscape Just Released For Fall

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Calling all plant parents: Bloomscape, everyone’s favorite indoor plant service, just launched three new plants ahead of fall. The result is a vibrant collection of greens to zhuzh up those quarantine spaces. The Dracaena Gold Star, Ficus Audrey, and Painted Desert Cacti Collection, all below $200, are all low-maintenance offerings that also remove harmful air toxins—a healthy plus for those affected by noxious air quality due to the wildfires. Bloomscape also unveiled expert tips and tricks on how to prune and prepare plants ahead of dormant season (found at the bottom of this article.) 

Whimsical and low-maintenance, the Dracaena Gold Star is highly adaptable and easy to care for. The dramatic dark green and chartreuse-striped leaf plant is ideal for beginners and requires low to bright indirect light. Pet parents, beware: Dracaenas are toxic to pets when ingested. Buy: Dracaena Gold Star, $195

Beautiful and dramatic with velvety oblong-shaped emerald leaves, the Ficus Audrey is low-maintenance, requires bright indirect light, and removes harmful pollutants from the air. Pet parents, beware: this product isn’t pet-friendly and can cause skin irritation and digestive reaction. Buy: Ficus Audrey, $195

Painted Desert Cacti Collection

A curated collection of three unique cacti, the Painted Desert Cacti Collection is low-maintenance, thrives in sunlight, and removes air toxins. It includes a Cacti Lady Finger (pet-friendly), Fairy Castle Cactus (not pet-friendly), and Cacti Red Balloon Barrel (pet-friendly, but beware of spikes). Buy: Painted Desert Cacti Collection, $65

Bloomscape’s expert tips on how to prune and prepare plants ahead of fall:

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