Succulent Christmas Trees Are the Perfect Holiday Trend for Plant Lovers

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Anyone who lives in a small apartment knows that putting up a traditional Christmas tree is harder than it looks. But that might not necessarily be a bad thing—especially if the alternative is way cuter and more festive.

Over on Etsy, several artists have created little Christmas trees out of succulents, making them perfect for tiny living spaces (and people who don’t have the time and patience to decorate a full tree). The arrangements are made from different species—including haworthias, sedums, and echeverias—and can have anywhere between 25 and 100 cuttings per tree.

Much like regular Christmas trees, the succulent versions also come with lights, bulbs, and even a star on top (although the plants are already beautiful ornaments themselves). Once the holidays are over, you can simply pluck and repot the plants, displaying them in your garden instead of throwing them out.

Succulent Christmas trees do have some advantage over traditional trees. They’re not only easier to put up, but the variety of natural colors and textures is enough to get anyone into the holiday spirit. You could say the tree itself is the Christmas gift.

You can buy these green beauties over on Etsy (from shops like these here, here, and here), with prices ranging from $125 to $264.


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