Homesick Candles are All On Sale, Since We’re All Feeling a Little Homesick for Something Right Now

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There’s no place like home, and for anyone who’s had to hunker down away from home these days that sentiment feels especially true. That’s why those cult favorite Homesick candles are even more appealing than ever. Each scent is designed to evoke a comforting feeling of home, whether that means the apple and cinnamon notes of Grandma’s Kitchen or the smell of whiskey and magnolia that bring back memories of Tennessee.

Right now, Homesick is having a rare sale, which includes free shipping, 10 percent off orders under $59, and 20 percent off orders over $59. So if you want to send someone a little comfort in the form of a candle (or still looking for a great gift idea for Mother’s Day), Homesick has your back. Take a look at the entire Homesick collection and check out some of our top picks below. 

Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

This candle is warm and happy, just like Grandma’s kitchen. Notes of apple, butter, clove, and vanilla come together to make lighting this candle feel like a great big warm hug—and who couldn’t use that right about now?

Buy: Grandma’s Kitchen Candle, $29.95 $26.95


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